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November 27, 2014 · Azure Search Mobile Dev Day RedDog

Updated RedDog Search and the RedDog Search Portal to Azure Search 2014-10-20-Preview

For today's session on Azure Search here at Mobile Dev Day we updated both RedDog.Search and the RedDog Search Portal to match the latest version of the REST API, 2014-10-20-Preview. These changes include:

Adding fields with analyzers:

Here's an example of creating an index with support for French and Dutch using the fr.lucene and nl.lucene analyzers.

 client.CreateIndexAsync(new Index("myIndex") 
   .WithField("id", FieldType.String, opt => opt.IsKey())
   .WithField("description", FieldType.String, 
       opt => opt.IsSearchable()) 
   .WithField("description_fr", FieldType.String, 
       opt => opt.IsSearchable().Analyzer(Analyzers.French))
   .WithField("description_nl", FieldType.String, 
       opt => opt.IsSearchable().Analyzer(Analyzers.Dutch)));

Populating data with Geography Points:

If you're using Geography Points in your indexes it's now easier to add these to your index.

 client.PopulateAsync("myIndex", new IndexOperation(IndexOperationType.Merge, "id", "123")
    .WithGeographyPoint("location", 3.992929, 55.393929));

Updates to the Portal:

Note: the RedDog Search Portal can be installed as a Site Extension in your Azure Web Site.

Happy searching!

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