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August 31, 2014 · Full-Text Search Microsoft Azure Web Sites Site Extension

New site extension available for Azure Web Sites: Search Portal for Azure Search

After Azure Search was released as public preview I wrote a post introducing the RedDog.Search client and the management portal. The portal is a great resource to help you manage your Search Service, but during the last week I did get some negative feedback from a few people:

So I had a chat with David Ebbo who helped me turn the portal into a Site Extension for Azure Web Sites, which has some cool advantages:

Installing the Site Extension

Just follow these simple steps to install the Site Extension:

  1. Add 2 appSettings under the Configure tab of your Web Site: Azure.Search.ServiceName and Azure.Search.ApiKey
  2. Go to your scm site (for example: http://phpsiteusingsearch.scm.azurewebsites.net/) and navigate to the Site Extensions tab.
  3. Install the extension: RedDog Search Portal
  4. After the extension is installed click the Restart site button and then click the play button in the extension (this will open the extension).
  5. You're good to go. You can now manage your indexes, test a few queries or upload a CSV file containing your data

New Portal

And for those of you that are using the new portal you can also install the Site Extension from within the new portal:


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